Frequently Asked Questions

What is Think You?!

Think You?!, the Proceedings of the Honors Research Symposium, is an online academic journal containing student work that was presented at the Honors Research Symposium.

What projects were eligible for submission to Think You?!

If you were accepted to present at the Bay Honors Research Symposium and you presented your work, you will automatically be eligible for publication in ThinkYou?! For more information, please go to the Publication Requirements page. If you want to know more about how proposals are selected for presentation at the Symposium, please refer to the BHC Proposal Tips and Samples page.

Additionally, this work must not be published in any other publication, be it online or print.

How do I submit my work?

In order to have your work published, you must turn it in via the Publication Submission form. Your submission must include the your signed Artwork Entry and Publication Form, which must be signed by your mentoring professor.

What if I can’t get my mentoring professor to sign my form?

Contact your Honors Director to see what they can do. You can also contact our Editor, Prof. Sarah Harmon, with a Subject line that begins with: Mentoring Professor Signature

When can I submit my work?

The submission window is open from the date of Bay Honors Research Symposium until 30 September each year. We accept work that was done at that year’s Symposium and all prior Symposia.

In what format does my submission need to be?

You can submit a paper or a narrated video presentation–or both, if you wish. Publication standards can be found on on the Publication Requirements page.

How do I get my submission ready for publication?

Follow the guidelines on the Publication Requirements page for your submission type. Note that we only will accept papers that are Microsoft Word documents; any videos must be on YouTube as unlisted videos.

Additionally, this is work that you should be doing alongside your mentoring professor; they need to guide you to the best practices for your discipline. This is why we ask mentoring professors to sign off on your work.

What happens after I submit my work?

Your work is reviewed in October and formatted for publication. If there are questions or issues, our Editor will contact you.

When will the next edition of Think You?! be published?

Updates to the journal are published on 1 November each year. This includes that year’s Symposium submission and any past Symposia updates.

What if I can’t get my submission in before the September deadline?

Please email the Think You?! Editor, Prof. Sarah Harmon;, with the Subject line: Past Due Submission for Think You?!